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CSR Ziyang Passing the Review of Enterprise Credit Quality AAA-grade of Sichuan Province
Author:admin Date:2012-12-06 Source:本站原创

CSR Ziyang News   The site assessment of “Enterprise Credit Quality AAA-grade of Sichuan Province” was carried out successfully by Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision of Sichuan Province on Nov. 26th. This means that quality management of CSR Ziyang is on a new level from “Enterprise Credit Quality AA-grade of Sichuan Province” to “Enterprise Credit Quality AAA-grade of Sichuan Province”.

Review group carefully checked the establishment of quality standard system and after-sale service system, as well as product quality on CSR Ziyang’s site, and then the group took CSR Ziyang as a benchmark for quality management enterprises in Ziyang City, because of its solid management foundation, normalized management, as well as high-quality product. At last, the review group hoped that CSR Ziyang would make persistent efforts to do a better quality management job.

It is known that enterprise credit quality grade assessment of Sichuan Province is divided into three grades, that is, AAA-grade (the highest), AA-grade and A-grade. There are five enterprises in Ziyang to take part in this site assessment of “Enterprise Credit Quality AAA-grade of Sichuan Province”. CSR Ziyang won AA-grade on 2006.


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