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Strategic Emerging Industry Shining on Western China International Fair
Author:佚名 Date:2012-10-11 Source:本站原创



From 25th to 30th Sept., 13th Western China International Fair (WCIF) was held in Sichuan China, which is the first International Exhibition to concentrated exhibit the development achievement of strategic emerging industries. Our five strategic emerging industrial products exhibited on this Fair have attracted a lot of attention, which have fully shown the development strength and latest achievement of high-end equipment strategic emerging industries of CSR Corporation Limited.

In order to get over current difficulties and focus on long-term development, it is an important strategic choice for China to develop the strategic emerging industries.  Following the lead of CSR Corporation Limited to promote combination of “production, teaching and research” basing on international vision and strategic thinking, our company actively develops high-end equipment manufacturing industry with energy saving and environmental protection, and devotes to develop the strategic emerging industries into a leading industry and pillar industry of the national economy, combined with our facts.

We have an exhibition stand with area of more than 200sq.m. to exhibit these five high-end equipment products with energy-saving & environmental protection on this Fair, i.e. Model for AC drive diesel locomotive (having independent intelligent property right) export to Australia, model for green & environmental hybrid locomotive, multi-functional EPB machine with diameter of 2m, as well as models for 7200kW electric locomotive and TBM.

It is said that our company’s development and productivity construction of high-power AC drive electric locomotive and new energy locomotive projects have been shortlisted in 2011 Sichuan Founds Promotion Project for Strategic Emerging Industry Development. They have completed & put into operation and successfully passed through the acceptance of provincial government, and the locomotive industrial upgrading & new-generation products have been finished; a development platform for high-power AC drive diesel/electric locomotive complying with high-end equipment industry policy and a development platform for hybrid & new energy locomotive complying with energy saving & environmental protection industry policy have been established, and the first strategic emerging industrial base in the rail transit equipment field in China has been built.

         Simultaneously, development and industrialization of complete-set equipment for tunnel construction project have been shortlisted in 2012 Sichuan Founds Promotion Project for Strategic Emerging Industry Development. The TBM under this Project has been applied in tunnel constructions of urban subway, railway and highroad, in lieu of traditional tunnel construction method, which has represented the development trend of tunnel constructions; The prototype production of special small-sized Tunnel Machining under this Project has been finished, and it has been applied in construction of urban underground pipeline network, so that the  urban waterlog has been effectively settled; The research and development of multi-functional drilling rig under this Project have been finished, and this driller will be applied in tunnel pipe shed construction and advanced geological exploration. Therefore, our company will strive to build a high-end equipment manufacturing base for tunnel constructions in China by means of this Project.


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